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Root Canal Therapy Can Eliminate Advanced Tooth Decay

Dr. Mike Murphy performs virtually painless root canal therapy in often less than 60 minutes, helping patients to overcome advanced tooth decay and avoid the need for tooth extraction. By undergoing root canal therapy at our Phillips, WI, practice, we can relieve painful symptoms and restore the health and aesthetics of your smile. Contact Northwoods Dentistry, S.C. today to schedule an appointment.

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About Root Canal Therapy

The inner chamber of a tooth (including the root canals in the center of the tooth roots) contain pulp, which is a soft collection of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. When tooth decay advances past the outer surface of a tooth and infects the pulp, it can result in many painful symptoms and eventual tooth loss. If infection is left untreated, extraction may become the only way to restore oral health and avoid more serious complications. Root canal therapy is a safe and effective treatment to halt infection, preserve the health of a tooth, and prevent the need for extraction. A root canal involves removing the pulp from within a tooth, sterilizing the empty pulp chamber, filling the chamber with an inert rubber-like substance, sealing the tooth, and restoring it with a dental crown.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of tooth infection include swelling of the gums around the tooth, cheeks, or face, pain in the surrounding teeth, and tooth discoloration. 

Infection within the roots of a tooth can lead to the formation of abscesses. The infection can also spread through the bloodstream, affecting other parts of the body. Dr. Murphy can identify internal infection by reviewing x-rays of your teeth. If inspection is detected, we will likely recommend a root canal procedure.

The Root Canal Procedure

Patients with minor to moderate decay can usually complete root canal therapy during a single 30-minute appointment. Those with more significant infections may need to undergo treatment over the course of multiple visits. 

Dr. Murphy performs root canals using rotary instrumentation, which increases effectiveness and shortens appointment times. During a root canal procedure, we will first numb the affected area with local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Next, Dr. Murphy will remove bacteria and decay from the surface of the tooth before creating a small hole to access the pulp chamber. Using small dental instruments, the doctor will remove the infected pulp. Next, the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned. Once the unhealthy portions have been removed, the dentist will fill the tooth with a soft rubber compound.

Placing a Crown for Renewed Strength

To protect the newly restored tooth and maintain the aesthetics of your smile, Dr. Murphy will place a dental crown that will cover the tooth completely. Your custom crown will be crafted to match surrounding teeth, so it will blend with your smile as flawlessly as possible. Root canal patients will also need to return to our office to prepare the tooth for crowning and receive their permanent crown.

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If you are suffering with an infected tooth, we can provide efficient, comfortable treatment to avoid the need for extraction. If you are experiencing symptoms of tooth infection, contact us today.

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